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Meet MandaMonster at #evilexpo

Gothic Model, Special Effects Makeup Artist, Act

What I Bring to Evil Expo 2021

For Evil Expo, I shall be holding a small seminar/ informational session on how to do cosplay makeup for beginners. I will go through where to find makeup, how to put together a makeup kit, how to copy an actual makeup look, and how to keep your makeup kit sanitary. I will go over tools (makeup brushes, sponges, and other makeup applicators too). Makeup malfunctions tend to be some of the most troublesome cosplay issues while at a con, so I will show everyone how to create a look that will last for hours on end.ress.

About MandaMonster

I went to Fairleigh Dickinson University, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre/ Liberal Arts in 2011. I have always loved acting, but I have also loved another element of stage and film…MAKEUP!! Of course, we can put on costumes, use props, and work our hardest to become our beloved characters…BUT, the one thing that really helps us get “under the characters’ skin” is makeup!! I have worked on tons of film and stage productions (both performing and painting faces). Makeup is an art that anyone and everyone can learn (trust me… I am self-taught, and I learned before the age of YouTube).Aside from working in theatre and film, I also work with and model for the famous makeup artist Bobbie Weiner, owner and creator of Bloody Mary Cosmetics. Bobbie is the makeup artist responsible for creating the chilling and realistic frozen makeup effects on a small film by James Cameron called Titanic. I have helped Bobbie at the International Makeup Show in New York City for multiple years. I have also worked for Tish and Snooky Bellomo, owners of the famous hair dye and cosmetic company Manic Panic.

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