I am Madame X of The Dreaming. Madame X has been my Pen Name / Nightside Name for 2 decades. 

I am the Matriarch of House of the Dreaming and producer for the Iron Garden. I am originally from Western Europe, but I lived for many years in the NY/NJ area and also in the Savannah, GA area, among other places. So from time to time you may find me on either side of the ocean. 

I have been considered a Muse to aspiring artists, through “The Rift Arts Forum”, a creationist’s guild, which for many years offered a constant outpour of cultural/art-related happenings. So perhaps you have met me in some dimly lit cafe, heard me on the radio or on the cable TV programs “Vampyre Dreams” or “Vampyre Lounge”, read my work in “Vampyre Magazine”, or met me at the “Endless Night” gatherings in NOLA and NYC. If you met me in Savannah, you may remember me from Club One – Empire One, Teasers´Fetish Night, Third Ascention or Rue Morgue, as these were several Goth/Fetish club nights I hosted and promoted. 

My background may be science, but I love poetry, music, dance, theater and the arts in general. Costuming is one of my personal passions and one of the many ways I communicate my creative spirit and revel in the dream.

Inspired by a desire to motivate others to the same path of self-discovery and evolution, I took part in the conception of several regional vampyre societies, including: “The Iron Garden” (NJ), “The Court of Lazarus” (NY), “Black Atlantis” (GA), and “Black Oaks” (GA). I have also co-hosted “Black Abbey” (NYC), co-founded “The Dark Nations”, established the Portuguese Vampyric Guild “Serões da Quimera”, the Otherkin Guild “Somnium Homunculi” and ‘The Collective’ video interviews on YouTube! I have been the Producer for the Iron Garden Nightkind Haven since 2014.

I am very proud of my globetrotting, having spent time in many US cities, as well as in São Paulo, Caracas, Quebec, London, Manchester, Belfast, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Madrid, Gibraltar, Paris, Rome & the Transylvanian haunts of Romania…among other places.

I have contributed to “The Goth Bible”, the “Vampyre Almanac”, “V” aka “The Black Veil”, “The Saguinomicon – liber calmae”, “Vampires in their own words” and “Gotham Vampyre Archives” to name a few. These books present a collection of philosophies and techniques designed to inspire our rapidly growing subculture. They focus on community conduct, spirituality, energy work and provide a compendium of the postmodern vampyre culture throughout the world. Come meet me, I won’t bite …