M.G. Martin Live Cold Reading! #evilexpo

Do you like High Fantasy? Does irreverent humor make you laugh? What about the adventure of a swashbuckling lass? Or those of a grumpy avatar? Are Mages and magic your “thing”?

If yes, then have I got a story time for you!

If  not, what if I were to through in some demons, a clueless fop, mystery, romance, and the fate of the Universe?

Ha! I knew I could get you!

Come to a cold reading of NECROMANTIC NIGHTS  by M.G. Martin. It’s a work in progress and if M.G. is a very good girl (which she is not but miracles can happen), the book may be publish in time for Evil Expo 2021!

All About M.G. Martin!

M.G. Martin was born to a flamenco dancer and an International Man of Mystery in the great state of New York ‘lo these many years ago. A precocious child, she started writing while still in elementary school and dreamt of becoming a published author. As she became an adult, she eschewed the life of a struggling artist and thrust herself into the world of business to emerge a self-made thousandaire. Returning to her lifelong dream, M.G. is currently working on her first novel in the High-Fantasy genre.

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