Luis Mojica is a pianist & vocalist who started developing his unique musical style in the crowded apartments and crumbling theaters of NYC’s East Village. In 2012 he moved upstate to the mountains of the Hudson Valley where he’s become renowned for his holistic healing work, as well as his musical compositions.

He released his first studio album, Wholesome, in August 2016 after touring for 2 years with the avant-garde cello band Rasputina. The album featured his unique style of live looped beat boxing and rich vocal harmonies. The limited pressing of Wholesome sold out during the first year of its release and is only available digitally.

His songs are pianobased and blend his 3+ octave vocal range to create choir-like textures, as well as unusual character voices and harmonies that explore androgyny, spirituality, and unorthodox male identity.

His new record, How A Stranger Is Made, is a beautiful tapestry of piano-driven songs that express, quite intimately, Luis’ healing journey through shamanism, sex, pain, & ecstatic joy. It was recorded in upstate NY by Jason Sarubbi at Split Rock Studios & it features production from Mercury Prize Winning producers David Baron & Simone Felice (Lumineers & Bat For Lashes), as well as Grammy Award Winning producer Justin Guip (Levon Helm).