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Luckydog Essentia & Curios

What we bring

This is a question we get all the time from fans, customers and curious shoppers. Honestly, there is no dog, just a cat named Lucky. It may seem like an oversight on our part, but it’s really very deliberate to have a cat in the logo, but Dog in the company name.

I think it’s one of those things that people with favorite pets understand. Every password you have is related to the beloved animal and you tell stories about it like it’s one of your kids. Anyway, so my favorite pet from about 1998 to 2011 was a black cat named Lucky. As he got older he proved himself to be wiser and more loyal than any other cat I had before or since and I upgraded his name to Lucky Dog.

I have named every one of my side businesses after him and in the back of my mind I have this fantasy that any brick and mortar store I operate will have a mural sized story of Lucky, the logo and my short history. I got the idea in an ‘Old Nelson’ deli in Philadelphia. The longer I run Luckydog Essentia & Curios the sillier it seems, but dreams die hard.

In the subject of ‘Essentia’ we just simply made up the word when there wasn’t one available. Essentia is supposed to be the plural form of essential, but essentials didn’t sound sophisticated enough so I just dropped the L and moved on. Essentia and Curios is basically stuff you need and stuff you want all in one place. I hope it’s fitting!

Who we are

We have been been a vendor of sorts online and offline since about 2004. This started with the online Amazon store ‘Luckydog Media Warehouse’ which specialized in used books, VHS, DVD and back order magazines and newspapers. This store later branched out to the Etsy online store ‘Luckydog Warehouse’ that sold vintage stamps, vinyl records, button collections and miscellaneous found arts and crafts.A few life set backs put my online stores on hold and eventually they closed for good, forcing this new and exciting essentia and curios project into life. I had amassed so many odds and ends that total liquidation was the only option. Luckydog and I can be found at craft shows, flea markets, and almost any venue that’s interested in unique, homemade goods and collectables that are reasonably priced and perfect for the impulse buyer.

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