Looks That Kill: Dressing for Evil Expo

by Craig Flowers

Getting Ready

Coming soon, you’re going to be headed to one of the newest events for the lovers of the underhanded. Based in New Jersey, this February you’ll be with the lovers of all things villainous. Still, there’s one very important question: What’re you going to wear? Whenever the hero of a story finally meets their worst enemy, they have a look that shows that they’re the threat they’ve been up against. They have outfits looking sharp enough to cut. Of course, you’re going to want to try and match that kind of feeling. This article is going to help you get an idea of what you’re going to want to do before you pack up and drive on down to Piscataway!

(Before moving on, please see the expo rules at This may be a place for villains, but it’s also for all ages. Stay safe, don’t be rude, and be mindful!)




Now, of course, you’ve got the idea of a character in your head. It may be your own, or a more well known one like Darth Vader from Star Wars or Dr. No from the James Bond series. All of these villains have something in common: flair. Villains thrive on look. Underneath all of the secrecy and treachery, there’s always a sense of style. With all of this in mind, you want to be known as a villain, so you have to show it. Vader had an all-black suit with a trailing cape, and Dr. No had a white suit with black gloves covering his iron hands. Think: what appeals most to you? A look that inspires fear? Dread? Awe?

Weakness Into Strength


One of the things about villains is that they never want to show their weaknesses. So, why not turn them into something special? Let’s take, for instance, shortsightedness. If your right eye’s a bit on the fuzzier side, a nice monocle would fit perfectly! If you feel a bit small-framed, look bigger with a cloak or cape. Quiet? Heavy stomping boots will get your point across without a word. Everything can be fixed with a bit of ingenuity and care, and at this event we’ll have that in excess.

Making Do


Unfortunately, one of the biggest differences between us and some of the most famous villains is money. Most of us, unfortunately, can’t afford things like fancy European tailored suits and precious gems. A virtue, however, is doing the best with what you have. Resourcefulness is good, and if you can find something around the house you can use or repurpose, that’ll be perfect! Part of the fun for a lot of people is making their own outfits anyway. That isn’t to say that some store-bought things are bad. I’d recommend looking around online for different materials such as EVA foam to get your ideas churning. Alternatively, you could make a run to Walmart or Michaels to see what you can find. If you do a bit of scouting, you might even find a local shop you can support!

Doubling Up


Villains don’t have to be alone; neither do you! Making an outfit for yourself is fun, but it’ll be even better if you find a friend to go with. Think of things like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; same guy, sure, but imagine the costume pairing. Alternatively, you could go with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn! If there’s a duo you’ve been wanting to be a part of, try and ask one of your friends if they’d like to try with you! The more the merrier, and you’ll have those memories for the rest of your life.

Something Special


Once you’ve gotten everything all fixed up and ready, it’s time to put on the finishing touches. Think of any small details you missed; a bit of color contrast, a small badge, etc. Something small can make the whole outfit. As another utility, something small will attract the eye. Think your jacket’s especially well made? Put a nice pin on it. Anything you can find for a personal, finishing touch will help you stand out even more.

Lastly, Be Proud

One of the most important things to realize throughout all of this is that you’re coming to have fun. When making your project, don’t stress yourself about minor mistakes; the effort is what matters, and the good folks at EvilExpo will appreciate it too. Whatever you bring and wear to the event is something you’re sporting, and that’s something you should be proud of. You’re going to meet plenty of cool folks down in New Jersey! If there’s anything else you’d like to know, be sure to head to Also, as a last note, don’t sweat any small mistakes; nobody ever complained about being a little rough around the edges. Stay safe and have fun in February!

Written by Jeffrey Mach

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