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Lock Pick Genius

Expand your villainy and learn all about Lock Pick Tools, Locks and How to Pick Them

What we bring

It’s challenging but rewarding to begin to learn the art of picking locks.There are many beginner lock pick sets on the Internet, but most of those sites just wantto sell you a kit and leave you on your own. We’re there with you for your journeyfeel free to message us or email us or otherwise get in touch. We love helping peopleto learn the art and get on their way to becoming Lock Pick Geniuses.If you check out our collection, you’ll see that we’ve carefully gone through some ofthe best kits for new students, ready to take you on a path from beginner to expert level.Expand your villainy and  impress yourself.Let us help you become a Lock Pick Genius.

Who I am

We are devotees of the art and skill of lockpicking.  Our lives are dedicated to helping others improve and develop themselves to the maximum of their abilities and potential in every way, and the incredibly tools and skill of lockpicking are amazing ways of doing both!Lockpicking is a fascinating path of knowledge, skill, and nimbleness of mind and body.  Come with us as we offer insight into the lockpicking world, show you how to start, and give you options for every level of Lockpick Genius, from amateur straight up to Master.

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