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Lawrence Watt-Evans Arrives at #evilexpo’s Splendidly Sinister Summer Spectacle

Hugo Award-Winning Fantasy & Science Fiction Author Lawrence Watt-Evans comes to Evil Expo’s Splendidly Sinister Summer Spectacle!

What Lawrence Brings

Lawrence Watt Evans is one of our Author Guests Of Honor (along with Mr. Steven Brust), and we’re incredibly honored to have his agile mind gracing our humble convocation of Villainy.

Who is Lawrence Watt-Evans?

Lawrence Watt-Evans is winner of the Hugo Award, science fiction’s most prestigious accolade. An incredibly prolific author of both science fiction and fantasy, Evans has produced vast aramad of number of novels, poems, and short stories that feature both intricate plots and a sense of fun. Watt-Evans once commented: “My parents both read science fiction—and lots of other things—so I grew up in a house filled with books and magazines, many of them with bright, splashy covers showing spaceships and monsters and people firing rayguns. I loved it all.” School seemed dull by comparison, and as Watt-Evans admitted: “I would sneak in books and comic books and read them in class; fortunately, I had tolerant teachers, and as long as I kept up with the class work they didn’t object.”I wasn’t clear on the distinction between children’s books and grown-up books (I’m still not always),” the author admitted, “so at age seven I started borrowing my mother’s books as soon as she was done reading them—I figured if she liked them, I would too. So in second grade, while the other kids read ‘Dick and Jane,’ I read Ray Bradbury, and fell in love with words and stories. And I never got over it.”After graduating from high school, Watt-Evans enrolled at Princeton University in 1972, but eventually ended his college studies to get married and devote his time to writing. His first novel, The Lure of the Basilisk, was published in 1980; it would be the first in a four-part series called “The Lords of Dus.” Other novels and other series have followed, among them the “War Surplus” series of science-fiction novels, the “Legends of Ethshar” fantasy series, and the “Worlds of Shadow” trilogy, which Watt-Evans published between 1993 and 1996. He has since written so many things that if we started to list them, we would run out of Internet

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