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The entity known as Killswitch is not your run of the mill villain. He will bend and twist your mind and your will until it becomes synonymous with his own. Villainy is not always overt, it can come in the subliminal variety. In a quest to save humanity from eating itself alive and have it fall under his leadership, Killswitch will not stop until he has achieved his goal: Global domination and control of all the coffee in the world.

When Killswitch is not plotting to take over the world he’s a fledgling game developer and has a blog at

Killswitch is also the proprietor of, a place where the denizens of the dark display the projects they’re working on. Whether it be movies, games, books or any other form of media.

There is also, a place where you can find game media by fellow denizens of the dark.

Find him on Twitter at

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