Things that go bump in the night. Monster, fairies, creatures lurking all around us.

What I bring

I will showcase my stories and upcoming projects with my trusty puppet friend Simon who revels in all sorts of villainy.

Who I am

Jay Mooers is an avid story-teller and uses every tool in his arsenal to tell them, be it paint, words, or even theater. He began his art career by directing and writing stage plays including a series of fantasy adventures called Bloodlines. He also created the webcomic Next to Nowhere. He illustrated children’s books and horror novels, along with painting murals and portraits throughout the years. In 2011, Jay completed his first solo novel, Illweed, the success of which prompted him to begin his comic series, Autumn Grey. With two titles under his belt, Jay co-founded Eden Park Tales in 2013 to publish these stories and more. His comic experience expanded, creating exclusive comic series and artwork for conventions including Chase Con in NY, Vermont Comic Con, and Lock City Comic Con in Connecticut as well as an assortment of indie comics with other writers. He has also done illustration work for Fallout, Elvira, Wizard of Oz and Sezame Street with Rusty Inc. and worked for Dynamite Comics on projects including Kiss, Dejah Thoris, Chaos, Vampirella, and Bettie Page.

You can check out his comics as well as other work via his publishing website, . On this page you’ll find a store where books and artwork can be purchased, as well as several free comic downloads!

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