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Hey everyone! It’s Holly Brewer !

maker of story songs. strange, wonderful, comforting, disquieting.

What Holly Brings

You should go listen to Holly’s music. Just go to and scroll down. Find something that sounds interesting, and click on it.

Who is Holly Brewer?

Holly Brewer is the most down-to-Earth internationally-acclaimed musical touring act that I have met in my entire life.You might know Holly Brewer from “HUMANWINE”, or “The Folks Below”, or from her tours with :The Dresden Dolls”. But if you start listening to her work, you’ll know her for one thing: her ability to make peculiar and fascinating worlds out of words and music.She’s also about the most down-to-earth, fun human beings a person can hang out with; I’ve never seen someone with so much passion for making art, supporting art, and connecting with other human beings. She’s amazing.And of course she’s a Villain. You can’t tell peculiar tales in times like this without someone deciding you’re a Monster.

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