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Herr Doktor von Vrilock

Keep the magick high!

What I bring

How I came to be the wraith of Doktor Vrilock. And why you need psionics!

Who I am

My name is Thomas P. Walton. You probably know me better by my online personality as Tom Vrilock. Vrilock means ‘life-force of the gods and magick’. I am a pioneer in the field of psionics, known also as psychotronics. Psionics is the pursuit of working change in reality via mind (occult focus) and machine dowsing. I am currently a YouTube personality, podcaster of esoteric thought, and an author of many books on the topic of psionic magick.

Vrilock is a means to make the learning experience of psionics more enjoyable, rewarding, and entertaining! I instruct students in the art of mind-machine magick.

Prior to entering psionics as more of a full time occupation I worked in both engineering and education.

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