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We Bring the Cake

What we bring

Hen Tie Cake is bringing several of our panels to Halloween in the Catskills.

Cryptids, Kaiju, and Creepy Pop Culture

A look into local and international history on the unknown creatures that appear in your favorite books, movies, cartoons, and TV shows. See what the sources say vs. what pop culture says about some of your favorites and learn about your local Cryptids from folk lore.

Don’t Get Bit: A Zombie Field Guide

An over the top comedic view of all the differing classifications of zombies from various pop culture flicks. We’ll go over the very many differing types of zombies. The ways they have been defeated, and how your average scout or scavenger of the zombie wasteland should approach and handle those zombie classes.

The Business of Cosplay Photography

A thorough examination of how to start and operate a cosplay photography business. The panel covers business basics such as incorporation, taxation, and reporting; as well as industry-specific topics such as intellectual property rights, photo release forms, and social media marketing.

Who We are

Hen Tie Cake is a multimedia group that specializes in geek culture. We believe that geek culture isn’t just for kids and allow our experience to better guide the younger generation. We also provide content meant for adults on our site. Our Website is a mixture of Entertainment News, Cosplayers, and Stuff you shouldn’t open at work.

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