From a young age, Disney and cartoon villains have been enthralling to Grace. Something about the song and dances inspired her to enact her own versions of those villains. Growing up, Grace always wanted to be Maleficent, with her evil pointed hat and her transformation into a fire-breathing purple dragon. 

Graced with talent, Grace often belted out all the villainy songs from her favorite movies, shows, and cartoons. Dressed to the nines, she would sing anything by Tim Curry, from Muppet Treasure Island to Fern Gully, or take the stage singing Defying Gravity from Wicked. From cartoons to showtunes, Grace was always fascinated with epic villain music. 

Grace graduated with a useless Master’s last year, and now she aspires to take the stage again, this time as the lavish villain she always wanted to be.