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Foxglove Fiber Arts

Unique crocheted plushies for adults and highly cultured children

What we bring

I make unique, handmade crochet plushies, mostly themed around plants (Succulents and pine trees) and food products (Ice cream and fruit). Past projects include the ice cream cone axolotl (available at Evil Expo) and the pumpkin dragon (Already has a home. Sorry).P.S. They only cost your soul. Not half bad, right?

Who we are

Hello villains! I’m Lillith, a New York based writer, podcaster, and crochet artist who has come to ply my trade at Evil Expo (And definitely not to take over the world. What kind of person would do that?). I learned to crochet when I was eight, and I like to think I’ve gotten quite good at it. Now I aim to earn some money with which I can buy the work of crafters doing things I haven’t learned. I enjoy writing, daydreaming, and pretending I’m not a supervillain (And parenthetical statements, in case you hadn’t noticed). I look forward to seeing you at Evil Expo!

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