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FleshBabies at #evilexpo

Grotesque home goods & apparel

What we bring

FleshBabies brings you a new way to decorate your space and yourself with gross and grotesque shirts, hats, coasters, dishes, and jewelry.

Who we are

My name is Jessie Wyrick and I believe in making art that is affordable and useable!
I started making my FleshBabies years ago in college. They began as screen prints and slowly evolved out of the 2D into 3D, taking shape as posters, jewelry, sculpture and castings. I take interest in objects that feel alive and real and have a purpose in your space.

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Written by Villain Support

One day the world was in turmoil and all across the land the wrong kind of evil was doing all kinds of things. Then one day Borden Tech. The end.

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THE Steampunk Professor james Moriarty

Medusa Woman Fantasy Costume  - Victoria_Borodinova / Pixabay

Mastering the Evil Laugh