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Feline & Strange on the Stage!

Wave Cabaret made in Berlin, Outer Space. A whirlwind of a stage show reminding of Dresden Dolls meet Depeche Mode in a punk bar.

What we bring

Madness galore brought to you from Berlin via Feline´s interstellar voice and Chief Strange punking what he calls a cello, but who knows… Also aboard the wonky spaceship: Piano, Synths, Drums, and a lot of silliness, and rage. You may dance, cry, scream, or laugh. Or all at the same time. It happens in our shows.
Feline & Strange is art shit, political act, clown circus, and opera. Find our multimedia works on

Who we are

F&S are unstoppable. A pandemic? Phhh! We released our 6th longplayer TRIGGER WARNING as planned in spring 2020 to great acclaim by press and fans, and invented a whole new form of streaming festival while at it to celebrate our eerily prophetic opus magnum. Since then, we have not only written and release a full new album going more and more dark and aggressive in lyrics and sound, but also collaboration works with five other bands and artists of other genres, co-founded the Steampunk Musik Kollektiv uniting the German scene for the first time, and organized several more online festivals, and played as headliners in even more.
Be it Feline hammering at her piano and shouting at the microphone or Chief Strange mistreating the fold-up cello, F&S leaves no one untouched, nor unseen, neither life-live nor via a screen.

„pure musical madness… that unusual mixture of dark cabaret and punk of which the band excel in.  Brooding, operatic and Gothic. Very clever lyrics smashing stereotypes left, right and centre with humour and aggression. The band have matured, never standing still they continue to push their own unique sounds forward. They care about their music and their fans“ (Mr Stu about our 2020 release TRIGGER WARNING)

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