Evil Expo Status, Safety, and Schedule Update

Because we care about YOUR safety. I mean, you give us money, after all.

Dear fellow fiends, rogues, and rascals,

Evil Expo, the Villainpunk World’s Fair, is devoted to helping monsters, cads, antagonists, and those who love them, have the most fun, live their best lives, and conquer the biggest worlds. And with that in mind, your health and safety are paramount to us; let’s face it, you have enough trouble with the Heroes trying to blow up your lairs. We’re here to help you live your best lives—or, in some cases, your best undeaths.

WE WILL BE HOLDING FEBRUARY DATE AS AN ONLINE EVENT; SEE DETAILS RIGHT HERE. We likewise are changing our in-person date to August/September 2020. If you have a hotel room, YOUR HOTEL WILL SWITCH OVER AUTOMATICALLY! And wait, there’s more!

We have been working our monstrous TAILS off for Evil Expo Online, and we are proud to say that it’s going to be an INCREDIBLE online show like NOTHING you have ever seen before!

. Join us for actual CHOICE in your web-based convention, as we broadcast TWO livestreams AND promote conversation, fun, and socialization from the comfort of your homes/fortresses/bunkers/Moonbases. We also offer our incredible web-based Vendor Array, using sophisticated web-based programs implemented by those Masters of Madness, Borden Tech!

YES! Your Evil Expo Live ticket gets you access to Evil Expo’s new in-person date AND Evil Expo Online.

YES! Evil Expo Online tickets are available as standalone access to the greatest Villain convention in the world.

YES! We’ll be broadcasting live, and safely socially distant, from the Blackthorne Resort. If you want to join our small live gathering, rooms are $90/night, two night minimum – call 518-634-2541 to get yours.


Fellow Villains, let’s stay safe, let’s hatch more nefarious plans, and let’s prepare for a Renaissance in areas that need us most – event vendors, gaming, live entertainment, conventions, and shows. JOIN US for Evil Expo Online! GET READY for Evil Expo in-person at the end of August. And SPREAD THE WORD:



Yours truly,

Jeff Mach,

Dark Lord

Written by Villain Support

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