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Evil Expo Returns for 2021!

Evil Expo, the World’s Greatest Convention For Villains and Villainy, returns! Come be a part of it!

The Dark Lord Jeff Mach cordially invites the Villains of Earth (and the rest of the Multiverse) to gather for a monstrous weekend of unspeakable evil. Also, there will be pie.

All ages are welcome. (Do you remember the time someone told the Tiny Tyrant she was “too young to conquer France”, and so she blew up the moon?Nobody wants that to happen again; we lost a lot of good Secret Moon bases that way.)

All sentient beings are welcome. (Because we don’t need another Martian Attack.)

All fandoms are welcome. Whether you battle arrogant Kryptonians, mad Gallifreyans,plucky British secret agents, idiots with light sabers, or that scary Bat-guy who can’t decide which side he’s on, we’ve got a place for you.

In fact, whether you’re out to rule all of time and space, or take over the Wizarding World, or whether you just want to steal a few billion dollars and retire to your private island fortress, Evil Expo is for you!

Interested in joining us? CLICK HERE

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