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Evil Expo Online!

The Villainpunk World’s Fair online!

RSVP on Facebook right here. For hardship tickets, email us at!

Evil Expo is The Villainpunk World’s Fair, the only multi-genre geek event devoted solely to live entertainment, discussions, panels, workshops, games, comedy, film, art, writing, creation, cosplay, and every aspect of science fiction/fantasy/comic/fandom Villainy!

Evil Expo Online is the standalone, self-contained, simultaneous digital Evil Expo convention. Because what’s the good of living in a dystopian future if you can’t cyberpunk your own event?

We hear you! You want to experience the unmitigated Villainous joys of Evil Expo, but you can’t be there in physical form. We understand! Many of our own guests will be there in non-corporeal formats. Some are spectral figures; some are malevolent artificial intelligences which exist only digitally; some of them simply enjoy life more when there’s a keyboard in front of them. We don’t judge.

Likewise, some of you have lairs on tropical paradise islands, and you don’t want to leave. Some of you are busy enjoying the lovely weather on Jupiter and don’t want to brave the New Jersey winter. Some of you are only on the astral plane, some of you are trapped in alternate universes by those damned heroes; some of you might just want to experience Evil Expo from the comfort of your own homes and/or secret laboratories.

And that’s how Evil Expo Online came about. In the last year, a time which has been pretty horrible for Villains and Heroes alike, we’ve gained at least one thing: We’ve learned the power of online connection. Evil Expo has a vast lineup, and many of our amazing guests are already telecommuting to the show; and we’ve got our own Villainous camera crew onhand to capture our fair share of the scoundrel that’s about to ensue!

EVIL EXPO ONLINE IS GOING TO BE THE MOST FUN YOU CAN HAVE ON THE INTERNET WITHOUT HACKING DIRECTLY INTO SKYNET! (Please don’t hack into Skynet; we don’t want the Robot Apocalypse until after the event is over.)


We’ll be broadcasting a livestream all weekend long, every hour that the Event is open. While it’s impossible to capture this much Villainy all at once (even if you were attending in person, you simply do NOT have enough clones to take in the whole event. Trust us. We’ve tried)—we’ll be bringing you an entire weekend of entertainment. Visit the rest of the website to get a feel for the things you’ll be able to see and do.

Vendors! Performers! Speakers! Gamers! Creators! Entertainers! Art! Books! Humor! Readings! DON’T MISS THE VILLAINPUNK EVENT OF THE CENTURY!

You’ll be able to enjoy tons of our guests, including many of our Guests of Honor. We’ll be broadcasting at least one of our stages continuously, plus special digital-only content, plus online chats and meet-and-greets.


Come on. Which would YOU rather take over One part of one country…or the entire World?

We know: You’re a Villain. So you want (and deserve!) to rule the World, and not just one small place. ESPECIALLY if that place is New Jersey.

Get your tickets now! For a limited time we’re doing HUGE discounts on all the online tickets. Evil Expo is the most incredible Villainpunk event in the known Multiverse.

COME BE A PART OF IT! Get tickets here!

Written by Jeffrey Mach

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