Evil Expo Hardship Room

Want to come to Evil Expo?
Want to stay at the hotel, but unable to afford it due to Covid and/or other financial factors? Are you a volunteer or vendor, someone we want to help out? While we can’t comp everyone we’d like, we CAN offer this to some trusted people:

Pay what you can.

Enter what amount you can (please, be kind, and attempt a minimum of $50; this is for two nights, after all)

Please email with the name on your legal idea (the hotel we’ll need that) and whether you want a single or double (the hotel can’t promise it, but we can try.)

Thank you, and we do look forward to having you with us!


Written by Jeffrey Mach

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Piranha Predatory Fish Fish  - Rethinktwice / Pixabay

Piranha Tank Panel

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