Evil Expo 2021

February 19-21, 2021

Piscataway, New Jersey

Evil Expo, the World's Greatest Convention For Villains and Villainy, returns! Come be a part of it!

BIG NEWS: MARCH 22nd will be our LIVESTREAM BENEFIT SHOW to help performers and vendors in need. Tickets are FREE - get them RIGHT HERE on the Facebook event!

STILL ON! Don't forget to check out our summer event, Gilt & Fanfare: A Halloween Circus Dream! (That's June 5-7th, 2021, also at the Radisson of Piscataway!)


Sideshow of Psychosis

The Draconia Institution For The Criminally Insane has been overrun by its patients! Subject 13 has convinced the other subjects that they are all fakers. As benign as that sounds, they have incorporated their murderous tendencies into their acts. They have been traveling the continent, performing for, and slaughtering unsuspecting patrons.

Sideshow Of Psychosis is a full theatrical Sideshow Experience! This show takes traditional sideshow acts and presents them in a fully original story with lovable characters  and a dramatic twist.

Scoops and Mischief

Scoops: The dead lover of a girl tragically killed during a metal show. Resurrected with the use of an old Ouija board by his widow, brought back as a demonic clown with an appetite for destruction and Beer!

Mischief: The widow of Scoops, well versed within the world of witchcraft and the occult, brought him back in desperate need of her companion. Once brought back Scoops took her, using his dark energy, transformed her into a new being creating the one and only queen of the clowns Mischief.

Now on a path of destruction, blood, and beer cans they are taking the world by storm. Blending in with the chaos of metal festivals and evil carnivals they travel the world entertaining the dark masses. Look for them in a city near you!

The Amazing Amy

“Meet the Amazing Amy — a yoga entertainer whose extreme flexibility dazzles crowds in New York City. “There’s a euphoria and an ecstasy I get, especially in front of audiences, that doesn’t happen anywhere else,” the 63-year-old contortionist told The Post. 

-from The New York Post

Amazing Amy! Eccentric Contortion Entertainer! World’s Only Known Contortionist at 64 with 2 hip replacements and injuries all over her body, overcoming obstacles with the power of yoga and sharing that through performances that entertain and inspire!

Amazing Amy is a lifelong lover of all things SF & F and especially loves reading fantastic literature and adores Star Trek, Star Wars, anime, animation, Farscape, Babylon 5, Firefly, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Harry Potter, and all kinds of graphic novels and comics, including manga. Amazing Amy loves to share her passions through her performances!

See her at Evil Expo 2020!