What do Villains do for fun when we’re not conquering the world?


…but after we’ve done THAT, we’re just like anybody else. We like to kick back, relax, and carve our names into the face of the Moon with death-rays the size of the Empire State Building.  But you don’t need a CONVENTION for that; that’s just an average Tuesday, right?

SO! For your Villainly enjoyment, we’ve assembled some of the most fun things in the world. We felt it was imperative, because:

  1. We want you to get great value for your hard-earned money, and
  2. Have YOU ever hung out with a bunch of bored Supervillains?  THAT’S WHAT SANK ATLANTIS.

We’ll binge classic Villainous movies – some funny, some scary, some dramatic, some strange, all of them incredible – in a real 16mm movie film fest!

Come to the Dark Side…we have Karaoke.

We’ve got workshops on some of the skills Villains need most—everything from how to make sure you profit from destroying the world, to outfitting your lair with deadly traps, to Secret Lovecraftian Lore. (It turns out that the main Lovecraftian secret is that Cthulhu is green because he’s made entirely of guacamole.  Who knew?

We’ve got panels wherein our assortment of Evil Masterminds (who are cleverly disguised as authors, writers, filmmakers, artis, and other creative individuals) will BATTLE TO THE DEATH. (Well, technically, they’ll just have extremely lively discussions, because it turns out the hotel HATES cleaning up after incinerations).


What do villains eat? Anything they need in order to survive and contribute to the survival and thriving of their Read more.
Join us for the Evil Expo Disney Villain Meetup, where you can gush about your favorite villains! From Maleficent to Read more.
Dust Bowl Faeries!
DUST BOWL FAERIES Dark Carnival Dream Music “Charlie Chaplin meets Clockwork Orange with a peppering of Alice in Wonderland and Read more.
Coming to Evil Expo: Escaping The Phantom Zone, a discussion on the complex character arc sometimes called “The Return”. So, Read more.
A villain’s toast: To that which is sweet because it is stolen, that which is treasured because it was plundered, Read more.
This Catered Special Event has limited tickets. Get your tickets now! Down The Darkest Rabbit Hole: A Gothic Alice Tea Read more.
Is there any more prolific villain than Florida man?  It seems that Florida Man has new exploits daily.  This panel Read more.
“I don’t think you should be an Auror, Harry,” said Luna unexpectedly. Everybody looked at her. “The Aurors are part Read more.
Hey, giant monster movie fans, do you love seeing King Kong scale the Empire State Building? Ever wonder why The Read more.
“All I wanted was sharks.  With frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads.  And a glowy pool party to go Read more.