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Charles "Xavier" ConleyCharles Xavier Conley is an Atlanta based 3D Fabricator and Content Creator who founded Ebony Warrior Studios in 2010. A California native, Xavier moved to Georgia in 2006 and currently resides in the metro Atlanta area. He experienced severe bullying all throughout elementary school and these experiences directly influence his Studios mission today. It was during these times of pain and self doubt that he wished he had his childhood heroes (such as Black Panther and Batman) by his side, so the creations he makes today are a tangible reality of those figures. Because of these childhood traumas Xavier is a staunch advocate for anti bullying, social justice and equality. This was only bolstered by a powerful encounter with a little boy at DragonCon 2016. It’s from this experience that he created the hashtag #RepresentationMatters and began spotlighting the major lack of representation within the cosplay world. Xavier has been cosplaying professionally since 2017, after winning Syfy’s episodic television show, Cosplay Melee with his original Star Wars character, Syresh Vös. Since his win Xavier’s foamsmithing prowess has been recognized and acknowledged by the likes of Marvel Studios, Legendary Pictures, Weta Workshop and actors such as John Boyega. Through his work Xavier seeks to show the world that cosplay is for EVERYONE, no matter who they are.

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