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Drinking For Evil! with #evilexpo

I quit drinking for Good! Now I drink for…oh, nevermind.

What we bring

O Villains! Thou without shame or guilt
For you this whole damn bar was built!
And for this night of possibility
We decline all responsibility.

.Come stop by the hotel bar and socialize with other Villains! Let’s hang out, relax, and get to know each other!

(This is an a la carte event; get whatever drinks you want, alcoholic or non-alcoholic depending on your age and preferences, and just pay the nice bartenders for them; there’s no other charge.)

Who we are

The walls of Reality are thin
Strange things are a-creepin’ in!
The walls of Fantasy – surprise!
Are made of duct tape & French fries
Science fiction – it is known
Is here already – cover’s blown!

When Actuality’s impounded
You’ll find a world wholly unbounded
If that’s wrong, it can’t be righted
So we’re throwing a Villainpunk party – and you’re invited.

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Written by Villain Support

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The VIP Panel

Don’t Do That! We’re In Public! – Villain Con Etiquette 101