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Dragon Poker! #evilexpo

In 1985 Robert Asprin gave us our first glimpse of the whimsical game of Dragon Poker. It’s a game played throughout all of the dimensions, a game so complex that few master it, and a game that Robert swore, couldn’t actually be played.

What we bring

“Well, kid,” Aahz said, sweeping me with an appraising stare, “it looks like we’re stuck with each other. The setup isn’t ideal, but it’s what we’ve got. Time to bite the bullet and play with the cards we’re dealt. You do know what cards are, don’t you?”
“Of course,” I said, slightly wounded.
“What’s a bullet?”
― Robert Lynn Asprin, Another Fine Myth

Dragon Poker is not actually the most complicated game in the Multiverse. Unless you’re telepathic, in which case, you’ve already got enough problems. It’s a stunningly fun cardgame, based on the work of bestselling science fiction author and humorist Robert Lynn Asprin.

They said it couldn’t be done….but we did it! They said it should never be played, and we didn’t listen! They said it was a mountain of fun, and they were right!

Come to our demos at Evil Expo this year!

Who we are

Valeron Games is an independent tabletop gaming company dedicated to innovative and intriguing game ideas. It is absolutely not a sinister organization from another dimension dedicated to taking over this world.


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