Dr. Evil’s League of Villains Podcast

The League of Villains Podcast focuses on Villains. You can find everything from discussions on the nature of evil and tips on how to begin your own journey into villainy to interviews with other evil-aligned individuals.

The podcast is produced on location in the secret lair of the host, Dr. Evil. It is said that Dr. Evil attended The Scholomance for 9 years , later graduating from The Higher Institute of Evil Education (H.I.V.E) and earning his PhD from Miskatonic University.   Dr. Evil is a low budget evil genius, not bent on world domination, just bent

He is very fond of jellybeans ,knock knock jokes and unicorn tears.

The League of Evil Podcast is part of the Necropodicon Podcast Network.  Established in March 2019, and created by Paul Parnell, the Necropodicon Network is a podcast network comprising of shows from around the world. The network’s main goal is to create a family of likeminded shows covering many different genres. From TTRPG podcasts, to movie review, to history and true crime.

Find the League of Villains Podcast here.

Find Dr. Evil on Twitter here.

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