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Dark Puns & Cute Art Pieces – Faerie Cute LLC!

Made with love, magic, and faerie dust!

What we Bring to Evil Expo 2021

I will be slinging functional and cute art pieces. Such as mugs, plushies, stickers, tees, notebooks,pins and more. Everything has a pun and everything is dark!

All About Faerie Cute

Faerie Cute is the brain child of artist and creator Jamie, otherwise known as the Head Faerie! Jamie strives to create the best puns on the market to bring fun and humor into everyday life.  She is best known for her creepy cute stickers and adorable creations. Faerie cute blurs the line between functional and creepy bringing designs onto every day useable items like mugs, necklaces, apparel and pins. Everything she designs is made with love, magic, and faerie dust!

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