It All Started…

After I became a mom to my son, Syrus Voltaire in 2010, I wanted to attempt to contribute to our little family. Being disabled and ill, I wasn’t sure what my options were. My foray into jewelry making began as an earnest attempt in the direct selling business. I was a representative for a jewelry company that as of today, is no longer in business. I worked so hard to distribute catalogs, do shows, whatever I could to try to make a sale. But I couldn’t even sell one piece. Everything was overpriced and cheaply made.

One day, I finally looked at a piece of jewelry I was trying to sell, and said to myself, “I bet with the right tools, I could make something like this.” That is how it all began. I purchased myself some starter kits, a beading tool kit, and I was off. I don’t think I realized just how much I would enjoy making the jewelry. I had a newfound hobby.

Deciding to open my own web-store was an adventure all it’s own. I’d never really thought about selling what I made. I kind of did it just for fun. But people were showing interest in my pieces. I got more excited by the day. So, I did create a website where fellow jewelry lovers could purchase something of mine if they wished, and they did! Since 2011, I’ve made over 300+ sales online, and many at local vendor shows.

My jewelry making style can be described as “kitschy” and “fun.” I love to use bright colors and fun charms when I make jewelry. You will find everything from silly and quirky to even elegant and romantic. You just never know when it comes to Corter Moon Designs! Stay tuned with me for this wild ride!