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Classic Horror Author Tips from a Verified Villain #evilexpo

Rahaman Writing is run by a cold and calculating demon from Canada who writes dark fantasy, horror, and a bit of sci-fi.

What to expect

I plan to discuss the working of dark fantasy, horror, and sci-fi with people. I will be talking about my work, offering writing advice for these genres, and possibly sharing some dark secrets of my craft.

Who I am

I’m a Canadian self-published author. I have a great deal of knowledge in a variety of subject matter that has helped me write unique and engaging fiction. Some of my favourite authors are H. P. Lovecraft, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Richard Matheson.I live for interesting content: both consuming and creating it. In addition to writing, I also create art for my work including illustrations, cover art, and more. I have also begun freelancing as a cover artist.

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