Clare Urbanski

Clare Urbanski is a fantasy author and Twitter-certified villain fangirl. She’s managed to confuse
and alienate many a friend who can’t understand why she always falls for the brooding villains
instead of the courageous heroes, or why she always wants to play villains even though no
director ever casts her as one. On top of that, she can’t find any fictional villains who will date
her. As such, she’s had to settle for creating fictional villains of her own (and ignoring the
temptation to give them all happy endings), memeing about them in video essays (she got
upgraded from Villain Fangirl to Villain Doctor on YouTube), dressing up as them for
Halloween (Exhibit A: PREPARE FOR TROUBLE!!!), and annoying the villain archetypes of
Twitter from her parody account @VillainFangirl (Typical YA Villain, if you’re reading this,
you’re the best Twitter boyfriend ever! <3).
Twitter: @ClareUrbanski, @VillainFangirl

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