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CJ Prop Studio Will be There! #evilexpo

Live, breathe, cosplay

What I bring

I’ll be cosplaying and showcasing my cosplays and props, also engage with people who have an interest in the craft and answer some questions

Who I am

My name is Joshua Marchese and I’m a cosplayer and prop maker. I’ve been in the cosplay community since 2009 so about 12 years. I specialize in armor making and foamsmithing, I like to build cosplays from TV shows, movies and comics. Especially the villians, villians have the best looking suits in my opinion. Also, I take commissions and build for clients

Want to know more

Written by Villain Support

One day the world was in turmoil and all across the land the wrong kind of evil was doing all kinds of things. Then one day Borden Tech. The end.

What do you think?

Justice Prevails Professional Soul Reaver

Fresco, Chaos Photographer