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Chmcl Str8jckt is on deck for #evilexpo

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Kevin Snell-Frontman, songwriter for 2 industrial rock bands on Cleopatra Records, Chmcl Str8jckt and Handsome Abominations

Who I am

After playing synths in industrial rock bands in high school (late 80’s and early 90’s) I quit music to focus on college and my career (pharmacist), Over 30 years later I ran into the guitarist I played with in high school. He suggested we reform a band. I informed him that I hadn’t played in over 30 years, to which he said “Then it’s overdue”. We started Chmcl Str8jckt and then searched for someone to write lyrics and perform vocals as neither of us ever had. We tried a handful of people and didn’t like the vibe. So at my guitarists request, I took a shot at it. We released our debut and got noticed by John Bechdel (Keyboardist of Ministry) who wanted to produce our next release. He produced “Wrtchd Thngs” for us and we got signed to the legendary Cleopatra Records as a result. Bechdel is currently producing our upcoming album also, “DRK PRGRSSN”. In the meantime I started a second band “Handsome Abominations” because I write more material than Str8jckt can keep up with. I sent two Handsome Abominations songs to Cleopatra Records and they signed that band as well. I also produced the Handsome Abominations album myself and I’m sure it will be released well before the expo. So, at the age of 47 I wrote my first lyric…..performed my first vocal…..ended up in 2 bands that both got signed to a major label… produced multiple times by one of my heroes and learned enough from him to do it myself…..played concerts with many of my heroes (Thrill Kill Kult, Orgy, Christian Death, etc)….released a total of 5 cd’s in 3 years…..all after quitting music for 30+ years.

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