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Chill out in the game room with POTCRAFT by newbren #evilexpo


Be a Master Craftsman of Medical Cannabis

From the makers of Zombie Fails

A crafting game! An educational game! A puzzle game!

(NOTE FROM EVILEXPO TEAM: This is a GAME. It does NOT contain ACTUAL medical marijuana. Please DO NOT SMOKE THIS GAME; it won’t do anything for you, and it won’t help the game, either).

Play PotCraft at the Evil Expo Gameroom

You will use the plants you grow to combine and create other plants until you craft your Ultimate Strain and win the match. Having only 4 spots in your garden to work with makes it a bit of a puzzle as well.

In PotCraft you play a farmer who is breeding plant strains together to create the Ultimate Strain. Beautiful cards with great informational content makes PotCraft not only a great game, but a virtual encyclopedia of historical and medical cannabis facts.

PotCraft won’t let you down.

Note from creator: Hi All! Thanks for checking out PotCraft! This version has been tested with up to 3 players, but may handle 4. With enough interest we will release expansions in the future.

Who are we

Newbren is an innovative independent game company which creates all manner of lovely and enjoyable indie tabletop games. There’s more to come!

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