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Chelsea Goodwin: The Hostess with the Ghostesses

In Goth We Trust

What I bring

I read Tarot, do a Seance, tell Ghost Stories, Cohost and MC when such is required.  I also play piano, sing and accompany singers, and act as a horror host with Movie Mike, facilitate panels and interview celebrities.

Who I am

I host a radios show called In Goth We Trust which airs on 91.3 WIOX Community Radio and streams on every Wed and Thurs. night from `10-midnight.   I have hosted, MC;’s and performed at many Jeff Mach events, most recently co hosting online  and conducting interviews, the most recent being an interview with Victoria Price at the Evil Expo virtual event while some of the event was at  the Blackthorne Resort, where I have worked for many years as a performer in the Massacre Mansion, usually as Dagobert the Magician.

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