Will Torres

Will Torres has worked professionally in the comic book industry for over 20 years and is the creator/writer/artist on his self-publish line of comic books MR.VENTURE, KILLBORG and his upcoming title THE SAINT OF ASSASSINS. Torres has provided art for publishers Titan (The Official Walking Dead Magazine contributing artist), Dynamite Entertainment (Red Sonja #5 Spotlight artist and Bettie Page/Vampirella 50th Anniversary trading cards sketch card artist), and Marvel Comics (Thunderbolts #5/Domino #6 pinup artist). He has also supplied art and storyboards for independent films Victoria Justice’s Naomi and Eli’s No Kiss List (film prop art) and indie comedy film Superior Powers (art director). He’s also participated in various charity activities for the Hero Initiative at comic cons throughout the states. Aside from the comic book industry, in the past, has dabble in the music and film industry as a musical adaption artist and a background actor. Torres wishes for all artist to remember to live a life worth remembering!

WGM’s Goth Queen Barbie

World Gothic Models Reigning Goth Queen. Representative for WGM. Official Model Plamendura Art. Female Gothic Model out of USA. Proclamation from City of Tallahassee


Winner Goth Queen Beauty and Styling Contest July 2nd 2018-Current Reigning Goth Queen
Official Model for Sanctuary Magazine November 25th, 2018 until Jan. 22, 2019

Published sets in Gilded Magazine Issue 34 “Lace,” Wild Heart Magazine Volume 37 May/Junev2018 “Garden of Eden,” and Gilded Magazine Issue 37 Volume 2 “Open.” Wild Hear Magazine Cover October Halloween issue. Sanctuary Angels and Demons-Cover, Sanctuary Jan, 2019 issue # 35

Proclamation of honor from Mayor and city of Tallahassee Florida, December 21, 2018


World Gothic Models Reigning Goth Queen
Official Model for Plamendura Art
Representative for World Gothic Models
Proclamation from Mayor and City of Tallahassee
Former Official Model for Sanctuary Magazine
Published Gothic Model

Avon Ingenion

Avon Ingenion is a GM, writer, and gamer. Avon is also a talented musical theatre nerd and all-around skillful person. A veteran of many D&D games, Avon comes to us with a variety of skills and a number of good saving throws.


Killswitch: Engage!The entity known as Killswitch is not your run of the mill villain. He will bend and twist your mind and your will until it becomes synonymous with his own. Villainy is not always overt, it can come in the subliminal variety. In a quest to save humanity from eating itself alive and have it fall under his leadership, Killswitch will not stop until he has achieved his goal. Global domination and control of all the coffee in the world.

When Killswitch is not plotting to take over the world he’s a fledgling game developer and has a blog at http://porkpieplatypus.com.

Killswitch is also the proprietor of http://darksideofevil.com, a place where the denizens of the dark display the projects they’re working on. Whether it be movies, games, books or any other form of media.

There is also http://darksideofgaming.com, a place where you can find game media by fellow denizens of the dark.

DJ Mykill Hrunka

“And whoever doesn’t want to dance

Doesn’t know yet that they must.”


Kykill has been DJing at the legendary QXT’s for 16 years, and is their resident DJ; he’s also the resident DJ at the Raven Lounge in Philadelphia. He’s also a stage lighting expert, and he’s passionate about the music he spins and the people he spins for.

Ryan P. Freeman

Ryan P Freeman is a hybrid fantasy author and fellow adventurer. After miraculously surviving childhood cancer, he launched into talk radio. Ryan is a pastor, International Red Cross speaker, and medieval-enthusiast; loves sampling craft-beers, and is an unapologetically proud kilt-wearer. His interests range from exploring real-world pan-mythology to survivalist camping and copious video gaming. Ryan is also a proud member of the St Louis Writers Guild, the Missouri Writers Guild, and Hannibal Writers Guild (founder). Read more about Ryan and all his literary endeavors at http://www.ryanpfreeman.com.

Lady D

Lady D is professional Psychic Medium and Paranormal Investigator who has been helping both the living and the dead for over 25 years.  As a historian for a cemetery in Morristown, NJ, Lady D is exceptionally knowledgeable about headstone symbolism, funerary and burial rites.  She serves the Iron Garden as Host & Resident Psychic. 

Maria Daggett Eskinazi


Maria Daggett Eskinazi has never been nominated for anything. Has never been published. However she has costumed over 100 shows & events & creates outfits for furry creatures. Maria is a glass artist & has had her lampwork exhibited in magazines, art shows & websites catering to glass & metal. She holds a Doctorate in 13th Century Notation (which of course has qualified her to become the academic part of Movie Mike’s presentations). Sitting in a basement in an 11th grade English class called “Science Fiction” started her on a journey in which she’s never turned back.

The Amazing Amy

The Amazing Amy (Harlib) is over 60 years young and proud of showing what she can do despite her age. She has spent a life time studying all forms of movement and physical theater and became attracted to Chinese martial arts, acrobatics and Yoga in the early 1980s and parlayed that into a solo performance career that took her to Taiwan and back to her native NYC environs to perform in a wide variety of venues until 1994 when injuries forced her to retire with a disintegrated disc in her spine, torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders and arthritis that necessitated a total left hip replacement in 1998. All that time Amy never stopped her Yoga and so hated not performing, that she’s using her extreme flexibility and zany imagination to relaunch her career starting in Mar. 2009! A right hip replacement in Jan. 2015, dislocated in April 2015 has not stopped her! Already The Amazing Amy has appeared at the Downtown Clown Revue, The Bindlestiff Family Circus Open Variety Show at the Galapagos Arts Space, Cirque Off! at Triskelion Arts Space, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, The House of Yes, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and The Gong Show Live! at B. B. King’s, NYC and at The Cutting Room, NYC.

Amazing Amy offers unique theme and character-based contortion acts for any occasion and also can flexibly freestyle to any genre of music live or recorded.
Website: https://www.reverbnation.com/amazingamycontortionistuniqueyogadancer



M.G. Martin

M.G. Martin was born to a flamenco dancer and an International Man of Mystery in the great state of New York ‘lo these many years ago. A precocious child, she started writing while still in elementary school and dreamt of becoming a published author. As she became an adult, she eschewed the life of a struggling artist and thrust herself into the world of business to emerge a self-made thousandaire. Returning to her lifelong dream, M.G. is currently working on her first novel in the High-Fantasy genre.