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Captain Kuppa T & the Zeppelin Crew

Pip pip! Cheerio! Righto, folks, it’s on!

What we bring

Welcome to the world of Captain Kuppa T & The Zeppelin Crew! Hailing from Oxford, the home of the Dreaming Spires, in dear old Blighty, the ‘Crew are a 2-3 piece chap-hop, harmonising, rapping, acapella sensation!

Who we are

With the emphasis always on fun, tight harmonies, sick rhymes and hot beverages, Captain Kuppa T and The Zeppelin Crew perform a mix of traditional, nearly original and original material for your aural pleasure. With three mini-albums to their names, they regularly perform at Steampunk events, festivals, private parties and gigs in the UK and Europe and have supported Professor Elemental and Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer. This is their first time appearing for a US audience, so please give them a resounding ‘pip-pip’ and maybe a ‘what-ho!’ and we’ll all get along splendidly.

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