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Captain Bart Has Arrived!

I’ll sing you a story, I’ll tell you a song,And we shall have fun the whole evening long….

What I bring

Captain Bart has been appearing at JME events for many years, both as a stage performer and busker in Merchant Row.. This year, he is bringing his interpretation of Professor Moriarty, Old Sherlock’s favorite nemesis, as well as new songs and stories featuring some of his favorite villains.
A master of intricate rhyme and rhythm, as well as (not so) subtle innuendo, he has brought the house down at Karaoke for several years with his ode to a small blue triangular pill….
Bawdy, funny, irreverent and dark with a side of kink, he is a true original.

Who I am

I have been writing parody songs for most of my life. I would celebrate family celebrations, retirement parties and world events; it’s all grist for my mill. Give me a topic and a week and I’ll give you a parody to some recognizable melody, with a subtle twist to the lyrics.
The body may be getting up there in years, but the sense of humor stopped growing in 5th grade…..

Written by Villain Support

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