Evil Expo 2020 looks to explore all manner of themes relating to the nature of Villainy. While we’re based out of the most villainous place anyone can find, New Jersey, we believe that monstrous ideas can come from anywhere. If you’re interested in sending us a blog post, just email jeff@jeffmachevents.com.
Mark Bailey is an amateur animator, filmmaker hobbyist, and monster movie and bad film historian. He’s been a longtime attendee Read more.
What is con crash, how can you avoid it, and how can you give your friends terrible advice on the subject?
What Is Con Crash, And Why Does It Happen? Con Crash is a “crash”, or what Alice Cooper might call Read more.
It All Started… After I became a mom to my son, Syrus Voltaire in 2010, I wanted to attempt to Read more.
Sideshow Of Psychosis is a full theatrical Sideshow Experience, featuring the escaped lunatics from the Draconia Institution of the Criminally Read more.
The Draconia Institution For The Criminally Insane has been overrun by its patients! Subject 13 has convinced the other subjects Read more.
Oh My Goddess blends the enchanted worlds of beauty, fashion, passion, and witchcraft together for a beautifully magical life, to Read more.
We are a non-profit cat rescue specializing in FIV positive cats.  Read more.
Nikki Steward is New Jersey’s Premier Psychic Medium. A lifelong Jersey Girl, She began having premonitions and contact with spirits Read more.
Will Torres has worked professionally in the comic book industry for over 20 years and is the creator/writer/artist on his Read more.
Katia Baskina Is an expressionist painter who was born in Moscow, Russia and moved to the States when she was Read more.