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I wrote “On Dark Magic” as a fictional essay within a larger fantasy work. I thought you might like it. Read more.
I believe that, after 500 years, the ending of Faust (Dr. Faustus made a pact with the Devil; he enjoyed Read more.
Why do we need villains? A villain’s not just someone who’s there to slow down the Hero’s Journey. A villain Read more.
Beware, my friends and my foes. The rhyming beneath contains Thoughtcrime, as defined by UrbanDictionary thusly: “Orwellion concept.  A crime that Read more.
Should evil wizards rule the world? If so, should they care about doing it well?
(an exploration of whether Dark Lords should rule, by Jeff Mach, as told to @darklordjournal.)              I toppled the One Read more.
I have worked with greatest diligence To lead a life of great responsibility civic Thirty years I have spent as Read more.
(This is a piece of short fiction from a novel I’m working on. (At least, I think this is fiction. Read more.
Editor’s note: Chelsea answered our interview in all capital letters for clarity. We were going to edit that, but it Read more.
Clare Urbanski is a fantasy writer from Wisconsin who loves languages, music, anything funny, and–above all–villains. We’re excited to have Read more.