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Beast Within Productions

Who we are

Beast Within Productions USA is a booking agent which places all genre of actors/actresses at Comic Cons and other venues of their choice. The talent ranges from actors and actresses, voice actors, stunt people to creature performers.  We provide personalized services that help any level of actor attract, manage and coordinate appearances at special events, interviews, Comic Cons, sponsor events, endorsements and more. We work with established actors as well as many rising actors.  For customers and clients, we provide a professional and personable actors to help you generate excitement, publicity and attract consumers to your event or business. We  create a memorable experience for your clients or attendees.

What to Expect

You can meet, in person, with members of one of the world’s most fascinating, eclectic, daring management/programming companies for some of Fandom’s most iconic Villains and other unique characters!

Beast Within is a premiere #Villainpunk company specializing in serving a diverse array of fascinating characters who portray everyone from The Walking Dead, to the incredibly props and art behind some of your favorite anti-hero films, to speakers and guests of every kind. Come meet them!

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