Battle Bus Adventures by Players Wanted

Our mission is to help people with limited mobility play airsoft.

What we Bring

We are Battle Bus Adventures by Players Wanted Airsoft. We are dedicated to help people with limited mobility not only be able to participate in airsoft events but also be a deciding factor on the field. Our mission is to empower the lives of those who might not be able to run around and play in this sport all day.

Our secondary mission is to help new people find the sport of airsoft. Through mentoring and advice we help new players jump into the sport that is unlike any other.

We will be bringing several of our airsoft technicals to the event where you can see up close what we do. There will be plenty of opportunity to sit on our vehicles and some great photos with our cosplayers.

Who We are

We are a team of 15 members who were brought together through our love for airsoft and building our community. Through our Tiktok channel we reach over 475,000 followers and help them get into airsoft.

In addition we help new players enter the sport. Through  this outreach it is not uncommon for us to mentor new players and even help them purchase the gear they need to be better players.

Our main goal is to help people with physical limitations play the sport. We do this through the Battle Bus and Battle Bug. To date we have helped 34 people who could not play, experience the game. Not only were they able to play, but were decisive unit on the field.

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