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Atrophy (movie)

This sci-fi steampunk action movie takes you on a journey with Matt.  Trapped in another world, he has to face three assassins, an insane Captain and his army, and a 7-foot killing robot in order to get back home in time.

What we bring

Here is the youtube link of the whole movie that you can play:

Who I am

My name is Troy Smith (, and I am the producer, director of photography, and editor of “Atrophy.”  Jason Slingerland ( is the writer and director.  We made this film with a small group of people and minimal budget in various locations in Michigan and worked hard to create the largest world we could with a fun story and lots of action.

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Written by Villain Support

One day the world was in turmoil and all across the land the wrong kind of evil was doing all kinds of things. Then one day Borden Tech. The end.

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