Anti-Hero General T. Osnofla

PROLOGUE: In 1892, Year of our Lord, a Victorian family man who thought of himself as a progressive individual and of keen mind, finds himself in the middle of a life changing predicament without warning…
Known as “Todd”, he was an educated individual who taught classes and considered himself an astute poet. His dream was to be become an accomplished writer and colleague of the published celebrities of the day, William Thackeray, Thomas Hardy, and Charles Dickens. Todd, tirelessly,wrote daily and revised his work constantly.

Life was as simple as it could be during this era and although his family, which consisted of his wife, Isabell, and daughter, Constance, were far from wealthy, they appreciated the simple things which provided them great joy and made their fellowship that much sweeter.

One late summer afternoon, they decided to picnic in the country so they could partake of nature and the fresh scenic landscape before the eventual oncoming winter approached. As they ate their lunch, Todd noticed a certain shift in the air. The area seemed to suddenly become tense. The birds had stopped chirping, the wind became still, and without warning it had become dark and dreary. Fearing rain, he called everyone together so they could find and take refuge under the nearest shelter. Suddenly, he became aware this was not a natural phenomenon.

Quickly gathering their belongings, he immediately heard an inhuman howl which was followed by screeching laughter. Todd turned suddenly to see a ghastly dog-like beast followed by what looked like flying apparitions. In a split second, his mind remembered conversations he had overheard in the local tavern about supernatural beings that were roaming the country side terrorizing and assaulting innocent livestock and people; but he was too smart to believe this magical mumbo jumbo. These were fairy tales for the elderly to believe or the foolish to gossip among themselves about. No practical person would ever conceive such thoughts and yet here these beings were pouncing on him and his family…. His family!!!!

He looked around desperately to find his wife and daughter and out of nowhere, a ferocious wind picked up and he found himself being blown back, struggling to keep his balance, and unable to move forward no matter how hard he tried. Something grabbed him from behind and as he spun around he came face to face with a horrid ghoul. It appeared to be part bird, part bat, with a glimpse of humanity in its wide yellow eyes. Todd soon realized the ground was no longer supporting him and the abomination was lifting him into the air. Incredulously, he found himself looking down and seeing his wife battling this mongrel – like creature the best she could with a picnic blanket, with his daughter directly behind her cowering. He yelled and for a moment saw her glance up and the look of desperation pained him, but immediately turned to horror as the beast took that brief minute of pause and lunged forward for the kill…

Distraught and anguished, Todd fought with hand and nail, ripping and gouging whatever he could; and as the flying entity roared in pain and frustration, he found himself released and falling helplessly into the fast approaching brush below. His last thoughts were his beautiful wife, his precious daughter, his all too brief life, and then darkness…

EPILOGUE: He wandered aimlessly, for decades, throughout the world, searching for the answers that troubled his beleaguered mind. Everyone that he loved was gone and there was no one that could give him a sensible reason.

Over the years, Todd stumbled upon many peculiar people in isolated deserts, overgrown forests, and impossible jungles. The dwellers could see the pain in this “outsiders” eyes and took pity on his ragged and desolate soul. Some taught him numerous ways to utilize hand to hand combat, others gave him knowledge regarding potions in order to protect himself from nefarious supernatural beings, but the wisest gave him direction and a sense of hope that eased, for a brief moment, his troubled intellect.

In time, he found that his learned skills proved to be advantageous. Bandits, warlords, and other criminals always appeared to be plentiful on his journeys. Todd actually found that he enjoyed the engaging battles and purposely sought out those who offered challenges to win coin or obtain reputation. It seemed to give release from the torment and despair that tore through his heart and mind non stop. It was only in battle did he find a temporary release from the thoughts of his mangled wife and daughter.

Season after season, battle after battle, found that the entity of “Todd” had faded and the man that remained was a ruthless soldier who found no solace in contests of conflict anymore. His reputation was known in the “underground” circuits and yet no one knew exactly where he could be found. In truth, it was because he did not want to be found. He was tired. Tired of the crunching of bones, the seeping of blood, the cry of pain. the stench of death, but most importantly he was tired of not having answers or a purpose….

Coincidentally and unknowingly, he was being sought out by a mysterious group of avenging renegades who had heard of his legendary clashes and desperately felt they needed his assistance and leadership in battling entities that were inflicting pain and suffering throughout the world. Many times they thought they were close to discovering his lair, only to find it was a false lead or his trail would come to an impasse.

It was only a matter of time before it was discovered he was being tracked and so one evening, while setting up camp, they were confronted.The individuals explained the purpose of their crusade and attempted to persuade him to join their cause. Skeptical, but sensing their need and seeing a chance for redemption, he agreed.

Thus, General T. Osnofla was born…

Watch out for the OFFICIAL debut of this dynamic anti-hero ….

The General is the mastermind behind the Lehigh Valley Itz-A-Con!

The Lehigh Valley Itz-A-Con

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