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Alchemist Spell-Casting Author Danielle Ancona #evilexpo

Alchemist Spell-Casting Author of Historical & Mythological Fantasy, Danielle Ancona

Come join the adventure! Epic battles, history, passion, alchemy, boldest of gods, intrigue, rebellion converge in a timeless battle for power.

What I bring

My debut novel will be available for sale. I look forward to talking with attendees about their cosplay characters, their favorite periods in history, their most admired villains in history and mythology. There will be fun to be had in discussing figures who were viewed as villains centuries ago and are now heroes of academic discovery. There will be fun to be had sprinkling in discussion of the characters in my stories. Book II features Katherine the Adamantine (the Unbreakable), Sekhmet Lioness Warrior – “One Whom Before Evil (not Evil Expo) Trembles”, “Lady of Slaughter” – perfect for villainous discussion.

Who I am

Greetings. I am a mixer of history, mythology, alchemy, Celestia, science, passion, fallen angels, Druids, enchanted oaks – shaken, not stirred. As a writer of historical and mythological fantasy, these elements are volatile when coalesced. I cajole them into weaving a rich tale; in turn, they drive the stories. They are often quite bossy and rarely reticent!Seeking knowledge is one of my passions, evidence-based practice drives my professional day-job. Yet, I also have a deep belief in the ethereal and a healthy respect for what exists on the other side of veil – with which I will not tempt fate.I am looking forward to meeting the colorful attendees, villainous villains, experiencing awesome cosplay, and having a grand time with everyone!

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