It was originally thought that we would make Evil Expo the most wicked and vile place in the galaxy.

But, upon reflection, that would have involved renting out a Division of Motor Vehicles office for the convention, which proved to be unrewarding for many reasons. Partially because of the lines and paperwork, but mostly because of the food. While many would find entertainment in a death match over the last bag of Cheetos, we want our evil to be enjoyed with a nice oaken finish.

Therefore, you will find that our Evil Expo is designed to be a little different. We strive to be the greatest place on earth to be an antihero or antagonist, iconoclast or villain, a cigar-loving Churchill, a cad, rogue, scoundrel, or even, dare we say it, a darkly mischievous rascal.

So sadly, many of us must pretend in our daily lives. We must constantly hide our inner villains, fully aware that our style of evil living and contrarian thought is frowned upon by the general society. They demand that we give them trigger warnings so that they may keep us from their safe spaces. They demand right-think and political correctness, that you speak, dress, and act to please them at all times. But not here.

Here you are welcome to come in attire which speaks of your villainous might, or show up wearing pretty much anything you like (within the limits of legality). Even normal things; we appreciate our infiltrators of normality too!

Just remember, though, that this is a family friendly show and we want to be reasonably considerate of young attendees. If we wanted to unintentionally expose people to things that will scar them for life we would simply send them to social media. No, we would rather bring them in subtly, to join us as willing and eager denizens of the dark side!

It should be mentioned that many of our presenters are deep creatives. Writers of story and verse, podcasters, madcaps, possessors of unusual talent and interest, and various other sorts of creators who wish for the freedom to blossom forth their dark and tangled dreams. As well as those who, presumably, enjoy the irony of making some dough pretending not to be evil while they await the eventual fulfillment of their extremely fiendish schemes.

Any speaker, writer, or spinner of the dark and twisted tale is welcomed and celebrated here in our Evil Village. From any fandom. From any genre. And while we have a special love in our hearts for the authors of books and writings (and they are well in evidence), we also cherish deep in our black hearts all whose actions, creations, interests, knowledge, or crafts create something new, cool and interesting.

If you are still reading you are undoubtedly one of us. You are more than welcome here in our congregation of villainy.