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A Round of Sinister Applause for A NECESSARY EVIL #evilexpo

The show where we discuss the Darker side of things!

What we bring to EVIL EXPO

Minion 1 & I will be wandering around and recording in person interviews all weekend, taking in the discussion panels and having an EVIL time!

Who are they?

A Necessary Evil where we talk about the Darker side of things, join Minion 1 and I as we voyage out into the Void. But, be warned we were not meant to venture far! You can find everything from discussions on the nature of evil to tips to begin your own journey into villainy, discussions with evil aligned individuals on fictional villains to villain ideas for TTRPGs.

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Written by Villain Support

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Chmcl Str8jckt is on deck for #evilexpo

Hey Guys it’s Brenda’s Crafty Creations!