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A Necessary Evil lurks at #evilexpo

Villainous podcasting ahoy! Join our fascinating guests, “A Necessary Evil”!

New Jersey’s own Evil Expo Convention is proud to welcome A Necessary Evil:

The podcast show where we talk about the darker side of things!

This is a rare photograph of famed Villainous podcaster, speaker, and geeky maestro of monstrosity, Dr. Discord

What Dr. Discord and His Podcast Bring to This Geeky Gathering:

A Necessary Evil Podcast is where you can find everything from discussions on the nature of evil, to tips on how to begin your own journey into villainy, discussions with evil-aligned individuals on fictional villains, to villain ideas for TTRPGs. Thus, we knew it was a perfect fit for our show. The podcast is produced on location in Dr. Discord’s Secret Lair. Due to its highly Villainpunk nature, it’s a member of the prestigious Necropodicon Podcast Group,

Dr. Discord graduated from The Higher Institute of Evil Education (H.I.V.E) with a Villain Sciences degree. He is very fond of jellybeans, knock-knock jokes, and unicorn tears.

Because of his many unspeakable skills, Dr. Discord is a favorite guest at our convention. The not-so-good Doctor will be participating on panels and discussions, as well as (very possibly!) doing a live and/or undead broadcast right from the show itself. Come meet him! Get some merch, learn a bit about the art of podcasting! …and if you ask nicely, you might just hear him do his Deep Villainous Voice. This is a geeky pleasure no Villain will want to miss!

Who He Is, And How He Came To Be Here

To begin with, Dr. Discord is a Labor Management Systems Reporting Analyst by day, amateur Supervillain by night. He has recently begun sharing his love of villains and discussing the darker side of things. Thus began “A Necessary Evil Podcast”, which he proudly hosts. In addition, he loves spending time with his family, whether it be with a rousing game of Mario Kart, or teaching his children despair with Monopoly. He traveled a lot throughout his younger years. But now he’s settled down in the rural area of South Central Pennsylvania, USA.


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