7 Little Known Power Secrets of Cosplay & Gaming: A Free Online,

How Role Playing Can Access Portals of Transformation And Expanded Consciousness.

What we bring

“I don’t know why you’ve got to be so undemanding … one thing I know … [you] want more!”

And I know … you want to BE more, not just HAVE more. And *you*, as Cosplayer and Gamer, know that you ARE more, even if you might be a little unclear in how to fuse yourself permanently into this state.

The unseen world is just as true as the seen world, and it is host to all kinds of beings. These secrets are revealed through entertainment. The old gods return. Aliens are real. Fae exist. Heroes and Villains in all realms, mingle among unsuspecting muggles.

You ARE part of this larger reality. Your *cough, cough* dress-ups are NOT merely hobbies or a social activity. No. Whether you realise it or not, you are breaking free from the limiting matrix that defines this cultural reality that you play in. You are following the impulses from your Expanded Being to stretch beyond the cramped definition of normal.

And I know you HUNGER for POWER. Such a taboo topic in spiritual development circles. Well, I say f*ck being meek and mild. It’s NOT who you are in essence. How do I know? You simply wouldn’t be here otherwise.

Now, due to the fact that I’m based in the remote Antipodean realm of Tasmania, I won’t be making a personal appearance for this particular jaunt of mischief and mayhem. However,  I intend to craft a free online, on-demand presentation that I would hope will deepen your understanding of who you really are and how to use your role playing to leverage yourself into a superior state of being. I’ll also be looking at incorporating some kind of Q&A capacity for the duration of the Evil Expo event.

Who We are

Non-humans require personal and spiritual development too. And as an experienced and independent Priestess, that’s precisely my Wyrd.

Hail Glorious Creature! I am Loka Brenning, aka The Lady Odin. Heresy Priestess. Warrior Priestess. Shadow Priestess.

I see you. I know you. I am as you.

Embracing all levels of Wyrd, I prefer to focus only on principles and not dogma. My matrix of choice need not be yours. However, I can teach you to navigate your matrix with ease and elegance.

But I can tell you with confidence … there is an invisible war going on around us, for millennia, across all universes. And the prize is YOU. Your most powerful act against the planetary overlords is to reclaim the power of your True Self. Then you become immune to all matrix mind-messing. And to make sure this happens … well, this is my role … this is my purpose.

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