Avon Ingenion

Avon Ingenion is a GM, writer, and gamer. Avon is also a talented musical theatre nerd and all-around skillful person. A veteran of many D&D games, Avon comes to us with a variety of skills and a number of good saving throws.

Keys for Cancer

Keys for Cancer is a non-profit organization designed to help those who are in financial distress dealing with cancer and other diseases. All proceeds help families in need. Together we can make a difference!


The entity known as Killswitch is not your run of the mill villain. He will bend and twist your mind and your will until it becomes synonymous with his own. Villainy is not always overt, it can come in the subliminal variety. In a quest to save humanity from eating...

Old Bones Designs

Unique Jewelry for Unique People Custom Jewelry, Individually handmade with natural stones, crystals, silver, hand-blown glass, Czech beads and Swarovski beads & pendants. Each piece is unique and always finds its way to the person it’s meant for. Custom...